Second Edition Flashcard Updates

The second edition of the Picture Hebrew Flashcards is launching fall 2018. Read The Evolution of the Flashcards to see how the first edition of the cards came to be. This blog shows the latest improvements that make this valuable resource even better.


Updated Illustrations

One big improvement we made was to touch up every single illustration, darkening all the details to make the image pop more. This is one of the more dramatic improvements:

ed. 1 “Esther answers the king”                               ed. 2


There are about 40 illustrations that we redrew to make more realistic:

ed. 1 “family”                                                                     ed. 2


We received a lot of feedback from users in this last year, which led us to reconceptualize about 30 illustrations. Here are three examples.

First, some users had trouble distinguishing between לִפְנֵי “before” and אַחַר “behind,” so we found a better way to show the spatial relationships of all prepositions (there are also separate cards for each preposition):

ed. 1                                                                                   ed. 2


Second, the original perspective for “you” and “he” was too similar, so we changed “he” in the second edition:

ed. 1 “you”                                                                     ed. 1 “he”


ed. 2 “you”                                                                   ed. 2 “he”


Third, the picture for “water” looked like it could be “well,” so we simplified it:

ed. 1 “water”                                                                  ed. 2



Other improvements

We centered the images centered on the printed cards.

We corrected four minor typos on the card backs.

We changed the order of the cards to match the revised Graded Reader’s Hebrew Stories (coming 2019).

We reduced the 580 audio files to 417 by combining the matching flashcard forms and verb phrase files.

We cleaned up the audio files and corrected four minor speaker errors.

All of these changes for the second edition of the flashcards are included in the app package.