Jonah: An Illustrated Hebrew Reader’s Edition


Picture Hebrew’s Jonah brings the biblical text to life with over 150 beautifully painted scenes. This book appeals to everyone who wants to do more than just crack the Hebrew code through translation work. The illustrations train a learner to visualize the text while reading. Even character dialogue, which comprises half of the text of Jonah, is presented in images. This innovative technique pairs nearly every Hebrew word with a picture referent. As a reader’s edition, footnotes provide definitions for all words occurring fewer than 100 times in the Hebrew Bible. A Hebrew-English dictionary for the rest of the Jonah words is included at the end of the book.

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Out of stock




  • 54 pages
  • full-color illustrations
  • unique presentation of direct speech
  • entire BHS text of Jonah with Masoretic marks
  • footnotes for infrequent Jonah vocabulary
  • dictionary for frequent Jonah vocabulary
  • Explanations for select images


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