Picture Hebrew Flashcards (2nd ed.)


The second edition of the Picture Hebrew Flashcards make this innovative resource even more valuable. Check below for the updates in this edition. Picture Hebrew Flashcards pair images and audio to give you an immersive learning experience that makes biblical Hebrew more enjoyable and memorable. This set of 420 flashcards includes all vocabulary occurring 100+ times, everything needed to begin using a Reader’s Hebrew Bible. The pictures train you to visualize what a Hebrew word means without an English translation. Verb cards teach you the word in context by illustrating an iconic scene and presenting a Hebrew phrase taken from the verse. Professionally-recorded audio features a native Israeli speaker for modern Hebrew pronunciation. The 417 downloadable mp3 files put you in control to create fully customizable playlists to review and master Hebrew words and sentences at your own pace. A downloadable English companion PDF provides a comprehensive reference with English definitions, a verse and a translation using each word, and often a note on usage and extra forms.

Picture Hebrew Flashcards (3rd ed.) is now available here through GlossaHouse

Listen to an audio sample below:

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Updates for Picture Hebrew Flashcards (2nd ed.):

  • We made all of the images more bold and crisp
  • We redrew about 40 picture to be more realistic
  • We redesigned about 30 illustrations to be more intuitive
  • We centered the images better on the printed cards
  • We corrected four minor typos on the card backs
  • We changed the order of the cards to match the revised Graded Reader’s Hebrew Stories (coming 2019)
  • We reduced the 580 audio files to 417 by combining the matching flashcard forms and verb phrase files
  • We cleaned up the audio files and corrected four minor speaker errors
  • All of these changes for the second edition of the flashcards are included in the app package


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