Kickstarter for Flashcard App

***Update: We successfully raised $4,615 thanks to our 97 backers. The app is finished and available for purchase here.***

We have been anticipating this for months. Finally, we have launched a Kickstarter project in order to build the Picture Hebrew Flashcard App. This is the culmination of at least 3,000 hours and three different editions of making uniquely-effective picture flashcards for personal or academic study of Hebrew.


Kickstarter Fundraising Goal

There are several fun rewards to choose from: including the app, the physical set of flashcards, and the Jonah picture book. We need to raise $4,200 by May 31st. For full transparency, here is the breakdown of where all the money will go:

  • $3,000 – paying the app developer
  • $800 – fulfilling rewards
  • $400 – paying Kickstarter host and card-processing fees


App Features

The app makes several improvements on our physical flashcards:

  • Cost: While the set of physical flashcards costs $50, we will be able to sell the electronic set of flashcards through the app for $20, making it highly affordable for anyone.
  • Convenience: No bulk from 420 flashcards. Instead, you can study on your phone any time, anywhere, with or without internet connection.
  • Audio: The app syncs all vocabulary recordings and 153 verb phrases perfectly to the flashcards. You can listen to a native Israeli while looking at the picture with the tap of a finger.
  • English notes: With no English on the cards themselves, currently a massive 87-page PDF houses the English Companion. Every entry has a definition, a verse and translation using the word, and a note on usage and extra forms. The app syncs each of these entries to its flashcard.
  • Multiple features: We avoid any one-size-fits-all learning algorithm for the app. Instead, we give you the ability to create “piles” based on how frequently you need to review. You can move a card from one “pile” to another as you master vocabulary. Also, you will be able to add your own note synced to a card–perhaps a mnemonic to help you remember the word.
  • Customizable decks: Most Hebrew grammars assign a frequency-based list of vocabulary words, just like our flashcards. With the app, we can create custom sets that match the vocabulary order of any grammar to be used in any Hebrew classroom.


Kickstarter Project Description

We are working with Adrian Roth from HisDesigns. Since he is one of our Hebrew students who has used physical flashcards, he is perfectly suited for this project. He will specifically tailor the app to maximize all the unique features of the Picture Hebrew Flashcards.