Picture Hebrew Flashcards Open Box with Illustrations
Picture Hebrew Flashcards Open Box with Illustrations

Picture Illustration

The illustrations train you to look at a Hebrew word and visualize what it means without an English translation.

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Audio Companion

All vocabulary words and 150+ verb phrases are professionally recorded with a native Israeli, completing the immersive experience. Included with purchase.

Listen to an audio sample below:

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English Companion

A comprehensive reference list provides English definitions for each flashcard word, a verse and a translation using the word, and often a note on usage and extra forms.

Frequent Words

A set includes all vocabulary that occur more than 100 times in the Hebrew Bible in order to help you master the words that you will encounter most often

Realistic Style

Brings the pictures and language to life in order to transport you into the biblical world, rather than simply bringing biblical Hebrew into your world

Iconic Scenes

Verb cards illustrate an iconic scene and present a Hebrew phrase from the verse in order to help you learn words in context and make vocabulary more memorable

Picture Hebrew Flashcards

By pairing illustrations with audio, this innovative set of 420 flashcards enables anyone to internalize the most common vocabulary in the Hebrew Bible and to read Hebrew as Hebrew.

Jonah: An Illustrated Hebrew Reader’s Edition

Picture Hebrew’s Jonah brings the biblical text to life with over 150 beautifully painted scenes. This book appeals to everyone who wants to do more than just crack the Hebrew code through translation work. The illustrations train a learner to visualize the text while reading.

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Video Resources

Our free grammar lectures and flashcard story videos are excellent complements to our flashcards and Jonah book. While not a stand-alone curriculum, these resources help students grow in analysis skills and reading fluency.