Kickstarter Promo: Picture Hebrew Flashcard App

This is the promo video we made for the Kickstarter campaign we ran in May 2018. We had 97 backers who helped raise $4,615 to fully fund the app, which released in August 2018 and is available for purchase here.

Grammar Lectures

These grammar lectures correspond to the order of our classroom curriculum, where we employ a communicative method to teach Biblical Hebrew.

Flashcard Stories

These videos feature our students acting out stories, each carefully crafted to teach a certain subset of pa’al, pi’el, or hif’il verbs. In all, these stories employ 300+ of the Picture Hebrew Flashcards.

Jonah Book

Here are a couple sample readings from Picture Hebrew’s Jonah book.

Alef Bet Song

This Alef Bet song was composed and copyrighted by Professor John Walton of Wheaton College. It is used by permission.